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RED(D)RESS July 9, 2010 en Venice - California

A new kind of poetry reading

Brendan Constantine presents RED(D)RESS an experimental series dedicated to creating a dialog among poets of all styles and experiences.

In addition to presenting their own work, each guest will be asked to name three more poets for a future event. Upon agreeing to perform, these guests will also be asked to name three more, and on and on. RED(D)RESS will offer an ever changing series where no single region or style prevails.

JOIN US SATURDAY, JULY 9th at 7:30PM as guest host Jade Shames will present:

Darren Clavadetscher
Pamela August Russell
Douglas Kearney
Musical guest Arlo and Aisling

Pamela August Russell has published short stories and poetry in several anthologies including Virgin Territory and most recently Nothing Moments. She co-founded The Better Off Dead Poets Society in San Francisco. This is her first book of bad poetry. She lives in Los Angeles near the freeway.

Darren Clavadetscher is a life long resident of Los Angeles, whatever that means and wherever that is. He thanks you for your kind attention.

Douglas Kearney’s has been featured in many fine publications and venues in print, in-the-flesh & digital code. His second book, The Black Automaton, was chosen for the National Poetry Series. He is a new father

Arlo Klahr and Aisling Cormack have a band.

Please support Beyond Baroque and this new series

Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center is located at
681 Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

Viernes, 09 de julio de 2010.

19:30 - 21:30 hrs.

Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center.

681 Venice Blvd.

Venice, California

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