domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

The Moe Green Poetry Discussion with guest Eve Brandstein in California

The Moe Green Poetry Discussion with guest Eve Brandstein

Join Rafael F J Alvarado as he talks to Eve Brandstein

Eve Brandstein has been a major studio executive, a producer, a director, writer/creator, casting director. She is an educator and workshop facilitator, who has led writing and performance groups. Her poetry appears in various publications and she is one of the organizers of landmark reading series in L.A. Poetry In Motion, and publishers of THE HOLLYWOOD REVIEW an anthology of L.A. poets. She is also a journalist and author of THE ACTOR - A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO A PROFESSIONAL CAREER . As a journalist her articles have appeared in national publications and web sites, where she has been a columnist as well as feature contributor. Eve is also a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice and an accomplished dartist whose work is shown at TAG Gallery at Bergamont Station.

Martes, 06 de julio de 2010
12:00 - 13:00
L. A. - California.

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